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Humanities nerd learning to code • She / her •

A quick, caffeinated tutorial

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Okay, you’re probably wondering — why Starbucks orders? Why not use normal things to explain classes? Alarm clocks? Cars? Bank accounts? Literally anything else?

Well, they say write about what you know — and I’m a millennial with a coffee addiction. So Starbucks it is, friends.

Before we begin, let me address the elephant in the room.

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Yes, I am using Monty Python to explain a coding concept. No, I am not explaining a Python concept using Monty Python.

Is this a horrible injustice to the world of puns and coding? …

No one asked for this. Literally no one. But here we go anyway.

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At first, it started innocently enough — I just wanted to make a JavaScript timer that would help me study.

But, after an hour of coding, it just felt like…

A quick introduction to unit testing in Python

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that it’s best to find bugs in your program before your users do.

As the old programming joke goes: a programmer walks into a bar and orders a beer. 99 beers. 0.999999 beers. Orders 0 beers…

A pair of black headphones against a yellow background
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*Cracks knuckles* It’s time to talk coding podcasts.

Coding podcasts are like personal, portable gurus. Some demystify coding concepts — how to build an app using React, what the hell vanilla JS is, what it means to be an “ethical hacker”.

Others lay out career paths — what it’s like…

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You’ve done it, you magnificent bastard. You’ve taken the leap. Bitten that bullet. Taken the advice of nearly all tech Twitter.

You, you glorious creature, have started learning JavaScript.

Now it’s time to level up your code.

This article outlines three style tips to use to write cleaner, more concise…

“Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell”

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It’s Monday night, which can mean only one thing: it’s time to write a Shakespearean insult generator in Python.

(I’m very cool.)

Let’s face it. If rap battles had existed in his time, the bard would have blown away the competition…

A tutorial for new coders

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

From the Urban Outfitter’s website to the mobile menu at Chipotle, Boolean logic is, well, everywhere.

If you’ve ever shopped online, or performed a Google search, odds are that you’ve used Boolean logic, and already know how to use some of its operators. …

A guide for new coders

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If you know how to use a regular dictionary, you know how to use a Python dictionary. (Well, sort of.)

In a regular dictionary, you look up a word to find its definition. In a Python dictionary, you look up a “key” (a word) to…

Myth 3. “Coding isn’t social.”

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Myth 1: “Coding isn’t creative.”

Before I started coding, I always imagined that a day in the life of a programmer must be unbearably dull. The idea of working with algorithms sounded like actual torture. Math class? The bane of my existence. …

Ayla Yersel

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